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Sunday, February 22, 2009
A must watch
Dear Friends,
I got a chance to watch this...fantastic performance...must watch and take a lesson from this video.

And please update us regarding the lesson you got after watching this video.


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

Due to not functioning of my speaker I could not heard what the judges commented on the performance, but I think it needs not to be heard anything for commenting on such an incredible performance, because action speaks louder than voice.

Of course, as it has been requested by renaissance team to share the lesson one gets after watching the video, I would like to share not only one but two lesson that I got after watching it.

First, as it is said nothing is impossible if one has desire/hungry to do something, this performer proofs the same with his amazing performance. If someone dreams to do/achieve something different/unique, one can do/achieve it by insatiable & tireless hard work.

Second, it is not that we do not have many unique talents, but what is true is that there are many such extraordinary talents across the world. Very few of these talents get exposure while most of them are not able to make it because of lack of resources they have & we need to bring out such talents. Many people can raise their objection on what I mentioned "lack of resources" & even they can give few examples to proof their points, but in a single line I would like to say all these guys whose example are being given have got one or another way the help of someone (some external force), so the rest also need/awaiting someone, who can give them a helping support.

Cheers!!.............. Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy

February 24, 2009 at 12:05 AM  

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