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Friday, February 18, 2011
The EdBook
Enjoy studying with the latest innovation - iBerry Solutions presents the EdBook, a students personality enhancer.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
BigIndianWedding - a great concept

For Hassle Free Weddings...
   By: Bhawna Satsangi, Feme Fashions Bureau, Delhi | 13 Jan 2011

Planning a wedding is a tedious task. To make it simple and fast, Ashish Abrol, an engineer has launched BigIndianWedding.Com. The site is a one stop solution for wedding planning needs.

Everyone wants a simple yet unique wedding. But to look out for the professionals to plan a wedding is a tedious task. However, to overcome the blues of wedding preparation Ashish Abrol has launched a new website specially designed to make weddings hassle free.

"Many of us are married, most of us have had a wedding in the family and none of us have escaped the pressures that this wonderful event brings with it. We've seen a harassed parent unable to compare and validate prices, brides having meltdowns because they feel they still haven't seen 'everything' they could choose from and macho men come close to tears because a decorator has played truant. Personal experiences like these and of other people led to to be born," states Ashish.

The concept of this portal is the result of a belief that every bride and groom and their families should have access to the best wedding planning resources available in their city to match their tastes and wallet.

Since internet is the medium of today, tomorrow and thereafter in every household, Ashish believes, that the concept will gain momentum among Indians soon.

"In India, there is a lot more social premium attached to weddings as they carry with them the name and honour of the two families, especially the side hosting the wedding event. The objective clearly is to ensure that planning a wedding and making it a success is an option available to all those who log onto Everyone should have the luxury of getting a dear one married with ease, using the most appropriate and cost effective resources at their disposal to match their wallets." he feels.

The portal's uniqueness lies in the simplest of concepts - budget and needs that are unique and the portal caters to all unique needs. Simply put, there is no other platform in India that brings hundreds of wedding planning vendors and the users of their services to help create highly customised solutions for weddings. The website provides listings of over 1000 vendors in over 25 categories and sub-categories along with reviews from users.

The portal is not just a perfect place for the modern girl who is stylish, traditional, and wants value for money services and products to start her wedding planning search, but it also is a great platform for small and medium sized service providers to reach out to new customers in newer markets not only domestically but also globally.

But what has led Ashish to start this venture as most of the Indians still believe in traditional marriages? Ashish shares, " aims to simplify the wedding planning process by researching and mapping out the best possible vendors in each category. We then present our selections to our couples, allowing them to choose the best vendor to suit their personal style. We also bring you regular advice from leading lights in the fashion, make up, hairstyles, wedding planning, fitness industry and more so you can make your special day as unique as you. In addition, service providers can announce special deals, sales and promotions on the website at very short notice and at a minimal cost. Service providers can also reach out to thousands of registered users of with customised email offers."

He further adds, "Compared to other advertising and promotional mediums we offer advertisers access to new customers along with a global reach at a fraction of the cost. In the very near future, we will be diversifying into other revenue generating activities besides advertising."

As for the future of the portal, Ashish expects it to be the first name to occur in the minds of people when they plan a wedding. The USP of is to cut across sensibilities, regions, demographics and purchasing power and become the most visited and most relied upon resource for wedding planning

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
Stanley Moss - US based brand guru in Mint
Stanley Moss - US based brand guru in Financial Express

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Neeraj Chhibba in Times Life
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Neeraj Chhibba & his book " Zero Percentile" in DNA

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Neeraj Chhibba & his book " Zero Percentile" in NewsToday - Chennai
He missed IIT; not success !

Never before has IIT been written about from the perspective of someone who did not study there. Neeraj Chibba - being a non-IITian, made his debut in the writing world with Zero Percentile - Missed IIT, Kissed Russia. The book aims at those who have missed IIT and tells readers that there is life beyond it, beyond failure, and you just need the courage to move on
The Delhi- born author who himself missed IIT once spoke to News Today and shared his thoughts about the book and his experience.

Excerpt from the interview:

What prompted you to choose the title Zero Percentile... really a catchy one?

Yes, it is catchy and sticks to your mind. The title occurred to me when I thought about the protagonist that how he had failed in life and didn’t get into the IIT and he started considering himself as biggest loser which led to the writing of the book.

Please visit the link below to read full story.

Team Renaissance.

Monday, October 18, 2010 in Outlook Business
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Tharoor, Modi and IPL: Social Networking Takes a Toll To Build Anti Social Image

Buzz of the overrated social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter etc and the list gets longer. Over usage has finally come to exhibit its misuse patterns, inviting grave hazards for the active users to grapple with hostile consequences. The ascent of ostentatious attitude and hype in the minds of the users has brewed in questioning the literal impact of the terminology “Social” networking.
Vivid illustration of social networking being better identified as “Anti- social” pervades our senses immensely after April 18th 2010, when President Pratibha Patil has accepted the resignation of Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor from the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The unfolding strongly reeks of the personality clash between two high profile individuals who have exhibited themselves to be so tweet-happy in going against each other that they could easily find roles as adversaries in a spaghetti western. Even the sought after and security ensured networking sites like Twitter entailed large scandal prone results with the dissemination of pointless information, even for the behemoths of the country.

The irony remains in the fact that the most unwise usage of the social networking has been found to be initiated by the smartest of its users. The reports vehemently make startling allegations of betting and match fixings on Modi in tandem with the charges against Tharoor. A greater circumspect manner of information expression and exchange on both the parts could have saved a great deal that went awry and amiss, from the individuals themselves to the parliament that is victimized to consort in terms of valuable time and attention with Indian Premier League rather than the core concerns of the nation, , that deserves and ought to be higher on the priority list.


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Saturday, January 16, 2010
"Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia" - A must read.

Books are your best friends…..Indeed!

The importance of books will never fade from our lives. Indeed, the statement has regained its authenticity with authors like Chetan Bhagat. In a country where the maximum urban population belongs to an age group of 15-35 and where half of their time is spent in travelling, authors like him have become more like saviours with light fictions especially for the youth.

I recently confronted another upcoming author, whose first book seems to be quite interesting and his style much like the one of the youth. The attention catching title - Zero Percentile - Missed IIT Kissed Russia, the first by this debut author Neeraj Chhibba has become more like a must read for the Gen Y. The well crafted story makes you wonder as if the protagonaist is just another boy from our community. The exerpts of the book are so realistic that it leaves you with the thought that maybe a part of my life has been encrafted into the script, and this happens specially with readers who in real life missed IIT and how much the youth could connect with the same is the point why they like the book to this extent.Zero Percentile has been a candid treat of reminiscence, and feel of Déjà vu in each of its reveals. All scenes that the author paints incorporated relative circumstances, devoid of bizarre exotics. The disparate backdrops of India and Russia, cordially gifts the sublime identity to the Protagonist, Pankaj a less favored destiny’s child. Besides this being for the first time that readers get a view from top of IIT, from our protagonist who missed it, equally skillful is the corollary of the experiences in Volgograd, which allows the readers to travel along with him without even moving an inch. Zero Percentile is an enigmatic work that intrigues, interests, transcends and travels through all its crests and troughs to touch all of us in some special way.

No wonder a deserving best seller, with a variety of positive points, one of which is the perfect pricing as well.Only thing to be used is that -A must read.

Must visit author's personal website to read more about the book and the author

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