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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Indian PR agencies are moving towards a new direction.

Hi Folks,
My purpose behind writing such a story is to share the trauma that this brand building industry is facing in this crucial and harsh time of recession. This is not at all new to anyone of us, but yes it will definitely make you think again on the same specially agencies like us, I mean the smaller and mid sized PR agencies.

The heat of recession is now becoming worse for almost everyone and so all the companies are striving hard towards the cost cutting measures. Advertising, direct marketing, Public Relations and online initiatives are some of the important tools which are generally considered for company’s their brand building exercise and cost wise it is in descending order. Advertising companies are the first to feel the heat of this recession and now its PR agencies chance to feel the heat.

When a company starts the cost cutting measures, branding is treated as the biggest culprit and advertising is the first amongst other branding vehicle. Now situation is worsening day by day and now PR agencies are facing the heat at the optimum level.

Big agencies have been asked by the corporate either to reduce the retainer fee or stop the project. This is how smaller agencies pop up in the scene as they can provide the similar kind of work for the corporate at the low cost. This will not only save money for the corporate but also help in continuing the brand building exercise for them.

Why should you do an exhaustive PR exercise for your organization in this period?
a) It will save huge amount of money for your organization.
b) It will help you to do your brand building exercise.
c) It will also help you to maintain the media contacts.
d) Chances are high to get covered in maximum media as information flow is low to the journalist because of the termination of contract for most of the PR agencies.
So on and so forth.

When you are finalizing any Small and Medium PR agency, must keep the following points in your mind.
a) Are they competent enough to deliver…must meet the media relation people of that PR agency…because, when BD and servicing people are different then promises never match with the delivery.
b) Never trust the business development people…they can promise anything and everything depending upon the situation…ask for the person who is going to do the media relation on behalf of your organization.

About Renaissance Public Relations:
Renaissance, as the word suggests is the rebirth and renaissance PR is the rebirth of attitude, style, work culture, environment and of course techniques. At renaissance, we just don’t do work rather we make the people feel the importance of PR done in a positive manner. We are here to change the meaning and conception of PR through the novel techniques, unique working style and of course a wonderful youth and energetic team. We are here not just to work but to build up excellent professional relations and nurture them with the quality of trust and commitment.


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

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As many economist are saying this is the worst ever recession period post World War-II & its heat is being felt across the earth. So, certainly no one is recession proof this time, either direct or indirect way from a rag picker to a big businessman every one has been gripped by it. Then how can we expect that PR industry will be able to keep itself out of it.

The article has brought out many real facts. At a time of throat cut competition only those PR Agencies would be able to keep themselves out of recession, who either have excellent media relation people or charging less retainer ship fees from the clients. But the later options sometimes proof very much ridiculous when the fees are so low that even sharing the fees amount with any one bring embarrassment. In fact one just cann’t compare less retainer ship fees with good deliverables. Till the time any PR agencies is delivering very well to ones clients one need not to be worry about it & that is where most of the PR Agencies are in the back foot. At last hope the world come over of this recession period very soon.

Cheers, Pradyumna Kumar Tripathy

January 30, 2009 at 5:16 AM  

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