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Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Tharoor, Modi and IPL: Social Networking Takes a Toll To Build Anti Social Image

Buzz of the overrated social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter etc and the list gets longer. Over usage has finally come to exhibit its misuse patterns, inviting grave hazards for the active users to grapple with hostile consequences. The ascent of ostentatious attitude and hype in the minds of the users has brewed in questioning the literal impact of the terminology “Social” networking.
Vivid illustration of social networking being better identified as “Anti- social” pervades our senses immensely after April 18th 2010, when President Pratibha Patil has accepted the resignation of Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor from the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The unfolding strongly reeks of the personality clash between two high profile individuals who have exhibited themselves to be so tweet-happy in going against each other that they could easily find roles as adversaries in a spaghetti western. Even the sought after and security ensured networking sites like Twitter entailed large scandal prone results with the dissemination of pointless information, even for the behemoths of the country.

The irony remains in the fact that the most unwise usage of the social networking has been found to be initiated by the smartest of its users. The reports vehemently make startling allegations of betting and match fixings on Modi in tandem with the charges against Tharoor. A greater circumspect manner of information expression and exchange on both the parts could have saved a great deal that went awry and amiss, from the individuals themselves to the parliament that is victimized to consort in terms of valuable time and attention with Indian Premier League rather than the core concerns of the nation, , that deserves and ought to be higher on the priority list.


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