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Monday, March 24, 2008
How to build better media relations?
Media Relations is one of the major points of concern in the field of Public Relations. In today's highly competitive world, everyone seems to be demanding for attention in order to reach its target audience, and this attention can only be brought by the help of media. So here given below are a few simple tips for all the readers to make a part of their work slightly easy. These tips have been shared by the most experienced people of Renaissance PR. You will not get in any of the books written for PR, but let me share it with you with the hope that it helps our readers.

How to build better Media Relations?

  • You must know the working style of media to get an insight of the readership profile and editorial policy and style.

  • You need to help the journalist to know you better.

  • You must maintain an information bank so that if anyone needs any kind of contact, can easily turn towards you.

  • You need to help the journalists in every possible way so that they can also help you. You need to be accessible to them, so that they can contact you any time they wish to.

  • Make them friends when you don't need them so that you don't seem to be selfish.

  • Give them news of wide public interest, conveniently packaged and delivered in good time.

  • Being a PR professional it is your responsibility to train your Bosses on how to tackle media.

  • Don't beg to get a story published or killed.

  • You must not be in the habit of going to the Editor for every little work you have.., even if you know him well.

You can of course use these very simple tips which have come into existence only from the day to day experience that you gain after being in the industry for a few fantastic years. This is how Renaissance serves you with their skill combined with experience an exposure. Will meet you again with something new, till then Happy Reading.

"Nurturing Relations"

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