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Thursday, July 31, 2008
10 FAQ's for PR agencies

10 more frequent questions often asked to the PR agencies going in for a pitch presentation. These are the very general queries, answers to which must be kept prepared by the PR agency; let us tell you these that might help you in getting business –

  • Is media relations the only forte you believe in or do you believe in the marketing mix formula?

  • Do you have any experience in the type of business in which we specialize?

  • How are your contacts in the media related to our industry, can you name some of them?
    How big is your team and who are the members who will work for our project and what is their experience?

  • What is your reach in and out of the country?

  • What is the billing style of your organization, project wise or retainer basis?

  • What is the USP of your agency for which we must give the contract to you?

  • How much do you expect for this project?

  • Can you specify the names of some of the publications wherein you can assure the coverage?

  • What are the associate services that we would get from your agency as a part of this contract?

These are some of the important questions, which need to be answered; the somehow appropriate answers to this would be given by Renaissance team in the next post, shared with all on the basis of our own experience.


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

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