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Monday, June 23, 2008
India PR: Small Steps Make Wonder

It is very important for any industry to maintain proper employer- employee relationship, because after all success cannot be achieved single handedly, it is a team work, and a team not only constitutes of seniors but also of juniors and new joiners.But, the problem lies here, the new joiners are not really happy with the way they are treated in their new organizations, specially the PR agencies. An agency is a small organization, where a limited number of employees work in a close knit network and with the time tend to become a family. This is the thing that a new employee wants from the elder ones; they wish to be equally accepted in the family.

So here are some small suggestions for both the groups –

For the Agency -

  • It must have a friendly atmosphere.·

  • Every new joiner must get his/her appointment letter within a week of joining the organization.·

  • The salary breakup must be clearly mentioned.·

  • The new member must be formally introduced to each and every member, the day he/she joins.·

  • When the news of a new joiner is given to the office, then the sitting arrangements, the work area must be prepared before hand and must not take a hell lot of time.·

  • Give them the opportunity to work and prove their worth, don't just involve them in back office work.·

  • Must treat all employees equally.

For the Employee –

  • He/she must be active enough to take part in all activities of the office from day one.

  • Before joining he/she must be at least superficially aware of the clients and the key areas of work.You need to ask for work and prove your efficiency to win trust of your employers.

  • Be friendly to all so that you can easily become the part of the family.

  • Do not forget to take your appointment letter immediately as it can cause a great deal of trouble to you.

These are some small suggestions that we are sharing from the bouquet of our experience and some of the colleagues of the industry. These are really small steps and hardly take any effort, but trust me they work wonders.

Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

It is true for the success of any organisations a proper communication & relationship between its employer & employee is very necessary. Especially in PR field where today many PR organisations are mushrooming & many of the persons are opening their PR Agencies, even without having any proper knowledge of how to run the organisation, even they don’t have any skills (especially managerial skill), so one can understand from this how that person can train its new employee. The PR guys are facing many challenges (especially in small PR agencies) & it becomes worse when they are not provided any appointment letters, in this case they have nothing to prove their employability & during the switch over the jobs they loose their whole month’s salary in the hands of employer.

In this & many other contexts this article is fruitful for employees & equally for employers. So, I think, it’s a must read, in fact an eye opener article for all.


June 24, 2008 at 2:07 AM  

I believe employer and employee relationship only survives on mutual respect for each other. Respect that springs from knowledge, the employee will respect the employer if he gets intellectually satiated. Similarly the employer would go to any length to sustain the emplyee who knows is industry. I have seen many PR professionals who say they know all media guys in leading publications but is knowing them all?

Dont we have to become the only point of contact for first hand opinion and information regarding our industry, we need to be well read and well linked to cull out information in split seconds... I dont know even one PR professionla who knows his industry, whether its aviation, hospitality, consulting, retail or reality.... I wish i could be heard!!!!!!!!11

All the best PR

July 2, 2008 at 8:21 AM  

employees and employers should have a mutual respect amongst themselves...... but the foremost priority should be given to the compromise with that!

August 9, 2008 at 12:07 AM  

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