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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Indian PR Indutry is really growing.
Two biggest happening in Indian PR Industry.

Indian Public Relations Industry has seen two major breaks through within last 6 months. First, when Publicis acquired Hanmer & Partner and second, when ASSOCHAM recognized it as a $ 3 billion Industry and potential to grow to $ 6 billion by 2010.

Above mentioned information is more than enough to prove the tremendous potential of PR industry, it is because of this high growing rate that most of the International PR companies have begun their operation in India.

According to the report given by ASSOCHAM, the estimated size of Indian PR industry is $ 3 bn, but somehow the count of PR professionals doesn’t match and in their eyes the Indian PR industry stands somewhere around Rs 250-300 cr, only, and this is indeed quite surprising.

One of the biggest challenges that the industry has to tackle is the rate of attrition, which approximately is around 40%, and the main reason for this is the job dissatisfaction amidst its employees. It was an unofficial survey that we undertook just in order to come closer to the working of our industry and the result we got was shocking but to an extent very true. The FLATERERS have it all and others are left with nothing that is what all the executives and people at managerial level in this industry have got to say as an answer to this crucial question. Apart from this, low salary against the huge mental work plays another very important role in letting the people flee. The major reason that keeps the employees intact is the challenge associated with this industry.

We, at Renaissance PR, have been trying to keep ourselves aloof from such problem and will do every possible task to keep our employees intact. We would love to build up a relation which will not just remain professional but also comes to a stage of being ones own, their PERSONAL. That’s what we mean by “Nurturing Relations”

To read the ASSOCHAM release, please visit the link below:
Mint story:


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

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