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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
India PR: Work culture at Indian PR Agencies
India PR:
Whenever I see Indian PR Industry, I don't know why, I remember Ayurvedic Doctors – a great profession with lots of intellect but having one of the biggest drawbacks which is keeping every information inside, with oneself as if you were so insecure of your junior taking your place… but its not like that still there is no tendency of sharing a vital technique or info with junior fellows. And I guess this is what is perhaps harming Indian PR Industry to a great extent.

"Crisis is the mother of innovation" this has been once again proved correct and ofcourse very proudly by the new entrants of this industry…they are not similar to their seniors who believe in taking journalists out for dinner or drink but strongly believe in Research, strategy, smart and hard work etc and this new breed in placing a nice and and extraordinary challenge to their seniors. They believe in content and news…not in clients demand and one has to understand it that either clients need to share some valuable info or keep quiet and let these new breed of PR to strategize first. It's the responsibility of the seniors to have trust and share their experience to mix with the enthusiasm of new generation and then see the overwhelming result that juniors bring……let them breathe….let them be free….let them DECIDE and believe in them, they will show u the RESULTS. This generation has created a huge challenge before some senior people of the industry and they are bound to follow the footprint of these new professionals.

Three cheers for the young and hardworking genre of RENAISSANCE….


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

Yes, I am agree that most of the seniors in PR industry are very much reserved in sharing valuable techniques & information as well as their experiences with their junior colleagues. The few seniors who shares also hide / try to hide the vital techniques and all these create a lot of confusions among juniors during dealing with difficult situations. No doubt new entrants in PR Industry are very much hard working; still they required some guidelines from the seniors to skilfully handle odd situations.

The unusual insecurity among seniors from their juniors may be one of the reasons behind their aloofness & it is happening almost in every PR agency, because PR in India is still working as an unorganised sector & it will take some more time for things to be normal here.

By the way a nice effort has been made by bringing this issue and we require bringing more such issue to change the scenario of Indian PR Industry.


April 10, 2008 at 4:54 AM  

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