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Monday, May 26, 2008
India PR: Renaissance PR's inputs on Some queries intented to be solved -- Part I---
Here's our inputs on first set of questionnaire. Hope this will help you to understand things clearly and would also help you in your communication strategy and process.

1) Does your organization have any specialized PR or a marketing department?
A> Yes, we do think that a specializd PR or a Marketing Depptt is a must have for every organization, big or small. In the modern competitive world, any organization which tends to have a rapid growth must have a separate and a specialized PR or a Marketing deptt.
2) What has been the tenure of operation of your firm?
A> Growth is not anymore directly proportional to the tenure of operation, but comes handy with a focused and determined goal.
3) Have your firm got any particular marketing or a PR plan(which excludes advertising)?
A> This again is one of the most important points because gone are the days when publicity used to just happen as now we need to make it happen, and the craving for positive and huge publicity needs a well planned PR programme.
4) How much of the money is being spent by your organization on advertising?
A> Advertising is the field that needs a huge chunk of money, as low budget advertising is not suitable for the present scenario, and that's where we, in PR have an upper hand, as all of us know that it is a non paid form of publicity, and anything spoken by others is more trusted as compared to the thing that one speaks for oneself.
5) Which type of advertising is most preferred by your organization –TV, Radio, Print or Non conventional forms?
A> The most effective means of Advertising is Television, because it produces the product before us in a very attractive and an interesting manner. Print and Radio are of course catching up but TV would always remain on the top. The recent trend in the industry is also of certain non-conventional forms including bill board, sms etc.
6) Does your organization have traditional business cards?
A> Not all organizations have yet done away with the traditional business cards, and according to us, any development does not signify doing away with old forms but it is always good to accept new forms along with the old ones.
7) Have you still tried the non-traditional business cards like the audio or the video ones?
A> Yes, these are now in trend and we think that most of the organizations would definitely like to try it as soon as they get an opportunity to do so, and most of them have already done so, as every organization firmly believes in growth and development.
8) Does your firm have a mission or a vision statement?
A> Every organization must have one, because it provides that motivation which any other thing or person would not. It reflects the determination and the clarity that an organization wishes to share with its publics.
9) Do you use the statement on every kind of information that is going out through any source or not?
A> Yes, one must do it, because it is not just a statement but the state of mind of the organization.
10) Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?
A> As far as the USP is concerned, according to us, it is a very important aspect that makes that difference and another important aspect is on our part to highlight the USP in the best possible and effective manner.

Keep reading for next set of questions and our inputs on those.

Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"
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