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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
India PR: Some queries intented to be solved -- Part I
In the modern time a PR personnel can be very well referred to as the gatekeeper of any company as it is his responsibility to filter all information that goes out of the organization in every and any form. Thus a PR personnel is a person who always has to keep his eyes and ears open towards any type of communication process going on within or even outside the organization.Every PRO must know about certain basic questions and its answers that can help him prove his worth in order to protect, build and sustain his company's reputation and image. I present to you some easy questions that doesn't have any particular correct answer as it simply depends upon your understanding of the working of PR, there is no incorrect answer as no ones thought can be incorrect, its just more or less suitable.There are a few sets of questionnaire, and this is the first one. After you figure out your understanding for the following, then you can also turn up to the same place for knowing our suggestions on this set within 2-3 days, and also catch up for the other set. Good luck to all my friends…


1) Does your organization have any specialized PR or a marketing department?

2) What has been the tenure of operation of your firm?

3) Have your firm got any particular marketing or a PR plan(which excludes advertising)?

4) How much of the money is being spent by your organization on advertising? (Optional)

5) Which type of advertising is most preferred by your organization –TV, Radio, Print or Non conventional forms?

6) Does your organization have traditional business cards?

7) Have you still tried the non-traditional business cards like the audio or the video ones?

8) Does your firm have a mission or a vision statement?

9) Do you use the statement on every kind of information that is going out through any source or not?

10) Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?

All those who are interested and wish to share their piece of information or their experience with others are genuinely welcome. In order to do this you can send us your answers at , and we would try to put up your answers on our blog with your name and the name of your organization.


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