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Friday, May 9, 2008
India PR: 10 most important things in PR
India PR:

10 most imprtant things we should be consider in Public Relations are:

1. Public relations’ contribution to strategic decision-making, strategy development and realisation, and efficient operation of organisations.
2. The value that public relations creates for organisations through building social capital and managing key relationships.
3. The measurement and evaluation of public relations both offline and online.
4. Public relations as a fundamental management function.
5. Professional skills in public relations; analysis of the industry’s need for education.
6. Research into standards of performance among PR professionals; the licensing of practitioners.
7. Management of corporate reputation; management of reputation.
8. Ethics.
9. Integration of public relations with other communication functions; the scope of public relations practice; discipline boundaries.
10. Management of relationships.
Then also Client/employer understanding of public relations, The impact of technology on public relations practice and theory, The role of public relations in community/social responsibility programmes, International issues in public relations.


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