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Friday, April 24, 2009
Sebi bans Pyramid Saimira promoters
Mail Today Bureau
Mumbai, April 24, 2009

Stock markets regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) on Thursday barred the promoter- chairman of entertainment chain Pyramid Saimira Theatres, P.S. Saminathan, and four others from the securities market for forgery, disseminating false information and manipulating the share price of the company. Those barred include Nirmal N.

Kotecha, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as a promoter of the company, Rakesh Sharma, a public relations executive with PR agency Adfactors, Rajesh Unnikrishnan, a journalist with financial daily The Economic Times, and one Pratheesh Kumar V.K.

Besides these, 16 individuals and 232 other entities were also banned from participating in any form of share transactions till further notice, for their involvement in the scam, which caused huge fluctuations in Pyramid Saimira's share price in December last year. K.M. Abraham, whole-time member of Sebi, said it was necessary to intervene immediately, "in view of the grave emergency arising out of the fact that a forged letter (purported to have been issued by Sebi) was sent."

He passed an ad-interim, exparte order, "taking into consideration the fraudulent, abusive, manipulative and illegal activities committed by certain entities/ persons to the detriment of genuine investors and adversely affecting the integrity of the securities market."

Sebi has identified the other three entities and 16 persons - as those related to/ associated with Kotecha - are prima facie found to have played a key role in facilitating Kotecha by funnelling money to fund the transactions, as well as helping Kotecha to disguise " his manipulative intent". The order pertained to a forged letter, purportedly from Sebi to Saminathan, allegedly ordering him to make an open offer under the Sebi takeover regulations for an additional 20 per cent stake, at a price not less than Rs 250 per share.

The letter was sent to various media organizations with the help of Sharma and Unnikrishnan.

Sebi's extensive investigations included tracking the mobile phone records of the gang, which established that they had met and plotted the release of the fake letter, which led to a surge in the company's share price, before an official denial sent the price tumbling again later the same day.

Kotecha dumped lakhs of shares during this period and has, in fact, completely exited the company since then. The PR executive, Sharma, had even given the mobile number of an associate as the alleged contact number of Pyramid's company secretary.

Reporters who called that number were told that the company had indeed received a letter from Sebi.

This led to many a number of media reports which sent the share price up.
Interestingly, the publishers of The Economic Times, Bennett, Coleman and Company, were also listed as holding 1.77 per cent stake in Pyramid Saimira as of December, 2008 although the exhaustive investigation report made it clear that the reporter was acting in his individual capacity.

Nirmal Kotecha, who is one of the promoters or associates of PSTL holding 12.92 per cent stake, was identified as the beneficiary of the forgery. Kotecha was also found to be using a large number of front accounts including his related persons/ entities to manipulate the securities market and to route the funds through several layers and this prima facie appears to be a money laundering activity.

Sebi has also prohibited Keynote Capital Ltd, a Sebi registered stock broker, from giving recommendations in respect of companies listed in any of the recognised stock exchanges till further orders. It also asked two brokers, India Capital Markets Pvt Ltd and Dynamic Stock Broking (I) Pvt Ltd, from entering into fresh agreements with new clients till further orders.

Courtesy: Mail Today

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Friday, April 10, 2009
Soni Sangwan joins Headlines Today
Soni Sangwan has put in her papers at MetroNow, where she was Deputy Editor, She is joining Headlines Today as Deputy Editor. Sangwan took charge from April 6, 2009.

Sangwan is a media professional with extensive print and television experience. Prior to joining MetroNow, she was Associate Editor with CNN-IBN from August 2006 to July 2006. At CNN-IBN, she was handling key reporting assignments like Home Ministry, Prime Minister’s Office and Jammu and Kashmir. She had also worked with Hindustan Times as Chief Reporter from 1996 to 2005.


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009
PT Universe at,, in THE PIONEER

Beat the Physics, Chemistry blues

Physics and chemistry are an integral part of any engineering entrance test. Sandeep Anand gives you tips on how to how prepare for these subjects for the upcoming IIT-JEE

The last minute preparation for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is on. Nothing is tough if your preparation is upto the mark. Here is an insight on how students should prepare and revise for their Chemistry and Physics syllabus.


The topics Electrostatics and Current Electricity and Electromagnetism each have contributed 15 per cent to the total marks in the past four years. Optics, too, has contributed approximately 13 per cent to the IIT-JEE screening test. In the past four years, approximately 20 per cent of the total marks pertain to Mechanics. While revising for Mechanics, it is important for students to realise that Mechanics though important, takes relatively more time for preparation. Students should keep in mind while revising for Mechanic they should not compromise their time for other subjects preparation.

The next important topics are Modern Physics and Thermal Physics, each commanding a share of about 12 per cent of the total marks. These topics can be covered thoroughly in a relatively less time. Last but not the least, Mechanical Waves has accounted for approximately 12 per cent of the total marks.


Organic Chemistry has generally got the highest weightage in the past four years IIT JEE entrance test paper with average marks of 36 per cent. Topics like Isomerism and Name Reactions, and Stability of reaction intermediates should be thoroughly covered. It is easier to remember the reactions and conversions involving aromatic compounds and a considerable percentage of questions from organic chemistry are based on this part. An understanding of directive influence of substituent groups, resonance and mechanism of reactions definitely helps in cracking the problems of organic chemistry.

Physical Chemistry is a close second with a mean weightage of 33 per cent. In fact, questions on physical chemistry are all numerical in nature. Problems on topics like Electrochemistry, Kinetics, and Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium are always asked either directly or along with some other topic. Students are advised to cover all the topics of physical chemistry. This is an area in which students can be sure of hundred per cent score, provided they have a clear understanding of the concepts and a good practice of solving problems within recommended time.

Inorganic Chemistry and General Chemistry account for 21 per cent and 10 per cent of the total marks. Inorganic Chemistry should be prepared by studying the group properties and periodicity. Lots of emphasis has to be given to exceptions. Questions are asked from these topics invariably. The properties of some important compounds are also asked in the form of reactions. Remembering the reactions involved in qualitative analysis is of great advantage. Questions asked in General Chemistry mostly include that from Stoichiometry and Chemical Bonding.

Last minute tips
Though by this time students would have practiced and formulated a strategy as to how you are going to attempt the JEE papers. However, it is advisable that you should not spend more than one hour on any subject. Usually, mathematics needs more time, we suggest that you attack physics and chemistry papers first keeping in mind the one hour limit and then attempt mathematics. Students must be positive, confident and see the picture that they are getting all the answers right. Students should focus on how relaxed they are. In the last few days, most important factors are winning attitude, confidence and cool headedness.

The writer is the CEO of, an online educational portal for Engineering, Medical and MBA coaching.


Team Renaissance PR
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