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Monday, June 23, 2008
India PR: Small Steps Make Wonder

It is very important for any industry to maintain proper employer- employee relationship, because after all success cannot be achieved single handedly, it is a team work, and a team not only constitutes of seniors but also of juniors and new joiners.But, the problem lies here, the new joiners are not really happy with the way they are treated in their new organizations, specially the PR agencies. An agency is a small organization, where a limited number of employees work in a close knit network and with the time tend to become a family. This is the thing that a new employee wants from the elder ones; they wish to be equally accepted in the family.

So here are some small suggestions for both the groups –

For the Agency -

  • It must have a friendly atmosphere.·

  • Every new joiner must get his/her appointment letter within a week of joining the organization.·

  • The salary breakup must be clearly mentioned.·

  • The new member must be formally introduced to each and every member, the day he/she joins.·

  • When the news of a new joiner is given to the office, then the sitting arrangements, the work area must be prepared before hand and must not take a hell lot of time.·

  • Give them the opportunity to work and prove their worth, don't just involve them in back office work.·

  • Must treat all employees equally.

For the Employee –

  • He/she must be active enough to take part in all activities of the office from day one.

  • Before joining he/she must be at least superficially aware of the clients and the key areas of work.You need to ask for work and prove your efficiency to win trust of your employers.

  • Be friendly to all so that you can easily become the part of the family.

  • Do not forget to take your appointment letter immediately as it can cause a great deal of trouble to you.

These are some small suggestions that we are sharing from the bouquet of our experience and some of the colleagues of the industry. These are really small steps and hardly take any effort, but trust me they work wonders.

Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"
Thursday, June 19, 2008
India PR: Client Servicing

The PR industry is a very closely woven web, where everything is got to be correct, which means to the consent of the clients. As far as you keep on saying what they want you to say, they are happy but no sooner than you begin making them understand your point of view than they start penalizing you. Almost all PR folks share the similar problem of clients who don't listen to their advice. There are times when you fail to make them understand your point of view even if it is correct, they want you to do only that which they find correct and would like to do.

We, at Renaissance PR have some different thought and process regarding this issue. Not every client is problematic; they do understand your point of view if you are capable enough to make them understand what the trend of industry is, how shall the news go about, the media habits and all other problems that come in our way. There are times when people become stubborn but it is this moment when we need to understand their thought process and make sure that the relationship becomes double sided so that each one can understand each others point of view thereby getting extraordinary work done in a little simple manner.

Thus this is the piece of advice that we would like to share with all our PR friends from our bouquet of experience- that they all need to learn how to tackle the expectations of clients without being hyper because they are not aware of the industry but we are and it is our responsibility to make them aware of it.


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
India PR: Manoj Tiwari and his PR strategy...

Picture: Viral Bhayani

The famous bhojpuri singer cum actor Mr. Manoj Tiwari possesses excellent PR skills, that is what we thought when we got to hear the news of his photograph being issued on the stamp of Holland. Amazing isn't it but of course hard to believe. India has some brilliant and extraordinary personalities, almost in all fields. Even if we just consider the arena of showbiz, we have the superstar of the millennium – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. We have an outstanding actress, who has not only been acknowledged in India but also in Hollywood – Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and various other superb examples to prove that howsoever famous this man becomes, but cannot ever match or compete with the extravaganza of Mr. Bachchan, and that's where the needle of doubt stroke.
The Times of India was the newspaper, which carried the news of Manoj Tiwari being so much extraordinarily famous but then again it was the same prestigious and trusted newspaper which revealed the falsity of the news, proving it just a publicity stunt.
It is indeed creditable for the most trusted name to prove the truth and bring to us the originality of Tiwari, by speaking to the authority of Holland, who thereby denied the news of having issued any such stamp.
This is what I wanted to share with all my friends and readers, which PR is not about gaining publicity by providing wrong information and misleading the media. We must remember that it is the media which is responsible for enlightening the masses by making available all true and hidden facts.
Hats off to our media who not just blindly believed what was said, but tried to find out the truth and present it before us.

Dutch 'stamp' on Bhojpuri singer

The Bhojpuri actor-singer gives a false impression


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
India PR: Renaissance PR's inputs on Some queries intented to be solved -- Part 2
This is the follow up of part 1. Hope you have enjoyed reading our earlier posts.

11) Does your organization invest in brochures?

A> Every organization must invest a good amount not just in terms of money but also creativity and matter. Brochures are not just depict the works that the organization does, but is also the reflection of an organizations procedures and methods.

12) Do you apply any creativity in distributing them like networking, mail outs etc.?

A> The normal manner of distributing brochures are used in almost all organizations and the want of being different has led to the emerging new and creative means like networking, mail outs etc. Nowadays, organizations are taking to these new means to enhance their working.

13) Is there any sort of signage that your firms makes use of (cars, bus stops, buses etc.)?

A> It is a new trend of gaining Publicity,

14) Do you or your firm regularly attend trade shows?

A> Trade fairs and shows are a recent development on the board, and has equally become a fashion for all types of organizations.

15) Have you ever tried to make or do you have some display materials that are creative as well as professional looking?

A> Everything in small portions are equally needed to make a successful effort, and display materials are one of the important aspect for every organization, thus it must be creative as well as equally professional looking, so that it leaves a good impression upon its target audience.

16) Have you created and do you utilize any sort of ranked mailing list according to importance or anything like that?

A> It is a must to do kind of work.

17) Does your organization have proper interaction with the customers?

A> In this cutomer centric era, one needs to get in touch with its customer everytime to retain them.

18) Does your organization utilize the new and advantageous mail out systems like Thank You cards, BirthDay Cards etc.?

A> In this age where the rate of attrition is increasing, an organization tries to and must do every possible thing to make itself employee friendly, and these are one of the simplest tools.

19) Has your firm ever sponsored or organized events?

A> Every organization organizes one or the other type of events so as to ease some tension out of its employees, on one hand and be in news on the other.

20) Have you ever sponsored or given out any sort of awards?

A> Sponsoring or associating oneself with any sort of award ceremony gives an organization, maximum possible publicity and it has emerged to be one of the most widely used tools.

Keeping reading to know more about tools.

Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"
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