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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
India PR: Manoj Tiwari and his PR strategy...

Picture: Viral Bhayani

The famous bhojpuri singer cum actor Mr. Manoj Tiwari possesses excellent PR skills, that is what we thought when we got to hear the news of his photograph being issued on the stamp of Holland. Amazing isn't it but of course hard to believe. India has some brilliant and extraordinary personalities, almost in all fields. Even if we just consider the arena of showbiz, we have the superstar of the millennium – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. We have an outstanding actress, who has not only been acknowledged in India but also in Hollywood – Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and various other superb examples to prove that howsoever famous this man becomes, but cannot ever match or compete with the extravaganza of Mr. Bachchan, and that's where the needle of doubt stroke.
The Times of India was the newspaper, which carried the news of Manoj Tiwari being so much extraordinarily famous but then again it was the same prestigious and trusted newspaper which revealed the falsity of the news, proving it just a publicity stunt.
It is indeed creditable for the most trusted name to prove the truth and bring to us the originality of Tiwari, by speaking to the authority of Holland, who thereby denied the news of having issued any such stamp.
This is what I wanted to share with all my friends and readers, which PR is not about gaining publicity by providing wrong information and misleading the media. We must remember that it is the media which is responsible for enlightening the masses by making available all true and hidden facts.
Hats off to our media who not just blindly believed what was said, but tried to find out the truth and present it before us.

Dutch 'stamp' on Bhojpuri singer

The Bhojpuri actor-singer gives a false impression


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