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Thursday, June 19, 2008
India PR: Client Servicing

The PR industry is a very closely woven web, where everything is got to be correct, which means to the consent of the clients. As far as you keep on saying what they want you to say, they are happy but no sooner than you begin making them understand your point of view than they start penalizing you. Almost all PR folks share the similar problem of clients who don't listen to their advice. There are times when you fail to make them understand your point of view even if it is correct, they want you to do only that which they find correct and would like to do.

We, at Renaissance PR have some different thought and process regarding this issue. Not every client is problematic; they do understand your point of view if you are capable enough to make them understand what the trend of industry is, how shall the news go about, the media habits and all other problems that come in our way. There are times when people become stubborn but it is this moment when we need to understand their thought process and make sure that the relationship becomes double sided so that each one can understand each others point of view thereby getting extraordinary work done in a little simple manner.

Thus this is the piece of advice that we would like to share with all our PR friends from our bouquet of experience- that they all need to learn how to tackle the expectations of clients without being hyper because they are not aware of the industry but we are and it is our responsibility to make them aware of it.


Team Renaissance PR
" Nurturing Relations"

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